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Julian Amaro was born in The Bronx New York City. His Mother and Father are both from the island of Puerto Rico and have done an awesome job instilling a sense of culture and pride in Julian. Julian has been drawing and being creative all his life. His passion for Art was further ventured through his studies at the Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale where he was able to dive into the world of animation, visual arts, and production. 

Julian also found his love for painting at the Art Institute seeing that it was a major part of his course moving forward as an animator. After graduating Julian found himself growing even more passionate about the art of painting. Still creating animations like his series on pigeons in New York who apparently run the city but humans don’t know. Like most creatives Julian is patient and awaiting an opportunity to produce his work. He says the production will be costly and he doesn’t even want to venture unless his vision is fully financed.

We expect more great things from Julian Amaro! His art has been exhibited and sold at many NYC galleries. Amaro’s subject matter ranges from his childhood love for comics and marvel heroes to his fascination with the male and female anatomy and how they we connect during sex. Julian is able to paint a vagina that inspires maturity and wonder. He says his “erotic” art is tribute to how we all got here on the planet. 

Visit out Julians art in the gallery below. Follow Julian Amaro in social media. 


Written by WORK  +  July 4, 2020

Original Paintings By: Julian Javier Amaro


Instagram @mistaj817
Instagram @onlyusig

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